Monday, 12 March 2012

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Mr. Sibal, in a speech at the Summit Vision of India Semiconductor Association, said, "Aakash Aadhaar and can be tried together to resolve many issues. Addition to a law, we also need an ecosystem to decrease the possibilities of corruption. "

He said the central government asked state governments to highlight the possible services that can be provided to the public and stated that the deadline was 5 years, implying that the full range of services would be provided through the countries in this period.

It surprised if a country could expect 10 or 20 years for the operation of enterprises to develop and start services like education and health care.

As the tablet Aakash is priced around Rs 2276 for making now, he said that the price would drop to about Rs 1,500 in the coming days as volume increases. Of this cost, the government would subsidize 50% and the educational institution would subsidize the remaining amount, ensuring that the tablet is available above 220 million students across the country.

Speaking on ESDM (Electronic Systems Design and Manufacturing), Kapil Sibal said that our country needs a strong political, as if she does not get one, it will have to negotiate around $ 300 000 000 000 value of electronics by 2020, which is larger than crude oil import.

He said, "ESDM is a source and meta, which is widely used in aviation, defense, automotive and other industries, and reports for 30% of the bill of materials for electronic products."

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